Best Business Code was born out of the idea that the internet has given the world so many choices and options, but a lot of misleading information. We believe that through the non-commercialisation of information, we can give more insight into the true code of business in the modern day.

Founders Todd and Jody, have a clear idea about what they want to achieve with Best Business Code:

We want to make the internet more transparent. A fairer, clearer system for its users makes the internet even more powerful. Unfortunately, it has lost its way to major power players in the media and in commerce. We can be a force for change. ~ Todd

Best Business Code founders Todd and Jody at the beach

So why have we focused on social media? We think it has become clear that social media is now where a lot of business gets done and it’s only going to become more and more like this.

Look at how businesses like Amazon are taking over the world of commerce. The integration between real world business and social media is happening at an alarming rate. Platforms like Facebook are becoming more and more influential and the user journey from post to purchase is becoming almost instantaneous.

We honestly believe that businesses need better information about social media and the power of online marketing and e-commerce. Without it, we are going to be at the mercy of the giants like Amazon and Google, who not only understand the way the world is moving but are actually creating and designing this change.

Unless you have the technological firepower to be one of the game-changing┬ácompanies out there today (and you can count them all on your fingers and toes), you’re going to need to upskill and equip yourself, fast. We’re living in a world where anything ‘new’ might as well be in the past because we’re moving so damn quickly.

Whilst you might not need to always be ‘new’ in your business or industry, you sure as hell need to be revamping and progressing every few years. Learning new skills and adopting new methods, even whole new business models, is not easy for some people. Couple that with all the bad information out there and you’ve got something almost impossible to achieve in 2017: staying ahead of the game.


We’re trying to help all that.


We’ll continue to build Best Business Code back out from our revamp and we’ll get a contact form up here soon.

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